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Excluded from the secular world, Valkyries were the mysterious tribe residing at the remote Valkyrie Island. However, they came out to set the balance at the 5th chapter of the Tartanos War; here they restrained Matariel from resurrecting Macuapel. 

The guards of Macuapel Sector deployed for the resurrection ritual were annihilated. Looking at Valkyrie combat skills, one can tell that their tragic fates were inevitable. Valkyries have mastered the craft of swift sneak attack, something that fighters, savages, or magicians could not have done. Shaking hands with the Coellissliss Sector, Valkyries fiercely fought against the demons even after disrupting Macuapel's resurrection. 
Unfortunately along the process, the demons have learned how to deter the Valkyries assaults and fought back. The consequence was dire; Valkyries suffered massive casualty. Usually, only few, well trained Valkyries carry out the mission. On the same note, fighting against a large unit of enemies turned out to be a disaster. Only few out of many made it back home after the 5th Tartanos War. 
It was a sobering experience. Valkyries learned that they will not last unless they re-skill their combat skills. Tracing back the origin of Valkyrie Combat skills, one can tell that their life style exerted a significant influence on the way Valkyries fight. As wonderers, Valkyries could not really settle and form a stable society. If anything few tribal cliques has formed but it was nothing close to a nation. Fighting for the survival of the tribe, the combat skills were rather individualistic than collective. "Swift and Deadly" One can summarize Valkyrie combat skill with those two words. Returning from Tartanos War, all the tribes came together; everyone agreed on how necessary it is to form a nation against the future. 

In the Valkyrie Island, there reside five main tribes; each and one of them boast different combat skills. These tribes formed a nation under one propaganda; Valkyries will survive any warfare. This nation was officially labeled as "The society of the Darkest Blade". The new boot-camp trained 

the fiercest killing machines. After years of harsh training, Valkyries take the ultimate test. The test of the Darkest Blade. The ones that survive this test are honored as 'Assassins' Nobody has seen how deadly they are; that's how fast and ruthless Assassins are; they leave no trace of existence



  Poison Fang   Inflicts fatal damage to the victim   This may seem like a normal attack but if the victim is suffering from poison, it becomes very fatal.    
  Light Wing   Increases the defenses success rate.   The Rumag Tribe has taught Assassins how to dodge the attacks in the swiftest fahshion.    
  Poison   Put poison in the weapon and immobilize the victim.   The Ror Tribe has taught Assassins how to freeze the enemy with poison. Once Poisoned, Poison and Rush Strike inflict severe damage on the victim.    
  Ankle Pierce   Slowing down victim's movement speed and causing constant bleeding.   Swift Assassins can slow down the enemy movement for certain period. Once the victims are exhausted, fatal assault takes them out.    
  Spirit of Fury   Increasing the attack /defense success rate of the party.   Assassins encourage each other and bring up their attack/defense success rates.    
  Poison Fog   A deadly range attack by spreading the Poison Fog.   Assassins produce Poison Fog around themselves and inflicts steady damage on the victims   Poison
  Poison Strike   Throwing Poisoned Dagger against enemies in long distances.   Poison Strike is a lethal range attack that inflicts consistent damage to its victims   Poison
  Bringing up one's attack rate.   The Rumag Tribe's training enabled Assassins to enforce their strength and increase attack rates.   Light
  Knife Fan   A wide range attack with cutting blades.   This sporadic range attack wipes out anything near the Assassin   Poison
  Rush Strike   Slash the victim with the speed of light.   Speedy assault may not seem to powerful, but for Poisoned victims, it may be a totally different story, Rush Strike is the enhanced version of Poison Fang.    
  Roots   Roots striking out of the ground immobilizes the victim.   Die-hard Roots strike out of the ground and put the victim into a tight bondage.    
  Blunt Razor   Reducing the critical success rate of the enemies with range attacks.   Assassins bring down the durability of enemy weapons and reduce the critical success rate of their foes.    
  Hide   Vanishing from the monsters vision by instantly sparking a thick smoke.   Assassins learned how to hide themselves from the Bargon Tribe.    
  Reducing the attack rates of the nearby enemies.   Assassins produce a deadly battle aura and bring down the enemy's attack rates.    
  Hitting the fatal spot of t he victim with the speed of light.   Assassins instantly approach their victims and hit them in their most vulnerable spots. Assassins Stalker hits harder with range attack weapons.    


  Booster HP & MP   HP&MP booster. 1 person buff.    
  Dead Strike   Poison Strike.1 Person attack skill.   Poison Strike 20
  Sword Fan   knife Fan.Wide area target skill   Knife Fan 10